Monday, February 21, 2011

Dave and Dave and Mike Mayo's Oscar picks!!* .. and George

Best Picture- The Nominees:
'Black Swan'

'The Fighter'


'The Kids Are All Right'

'The King's Speech' (Dave, Mike Mayo, George Rawlinson)

'127 Hours'

'The Social Network' (And Dave)

'Toy Story 3'

'True Grit'

'Winter's Bone'

Best Actress-The Nominees:
Annette Bening, 'The Kids Are All Right'( George Rawlinson)

Nicole Kidman, 'Rabbit Hole'

Jennifer Lawrence, 'Winter's Bone'

Natalie Portman, 'Black Swan' (Dave and Dave and Mike Mayo)

Michelle Williams, 'Blue Valentine'

Best Actor-The Nominees:
Javier Bardem, 'Biutiful'

Jeff Bridges, 'True Grit'

Jesse Eisenberg, 'The Social Network' (And Dave)

Colin Firth, 'The King's Speech' (Dave and Mike Mayo, George Rawlinson)

James Franco, '127 Hours'

Best Supporting Actress-The Nominees:
Amy Adams, 'The Fighter'

Helena Bonham Carter, 'The King's Speech'

Melissa Leo, 'The Fighter' (And Dave, George Rawlinson)

Hailee Steinfeld, 'True Grit' (Dave and Mike Mayo)

Jacki Weaver, 'Animal Kingdom'

Best Supporting Actor-The Nominees:
Christian Bale, 'The Fighter' (Dave and Dave and Mike Mayo, George Rawlinson)

John Hawkes, 'Winter's Bone'

Jeremy Renner, 'The Town'

Mark Ruffalo, 'The Kids Are All Right'

Geoffrey Rush, 'The King's Speech'

Best Director- The Nominees:
Darren Aronofsky, 'Black Swan'

Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, 'True Grit'

David Fincher, 'The Social Network' (Mike Mayo and George Rawlinson)

Tom Hooper, 'The King's Speech' (Dave and Dave)

David O'Russell, 'The Fighter'

Best website with Mike Mayo !!

Join Michael Riser in being part of his upcoming video, “THE REST OF US”.

When: Sunday, Feb 27, 1:00PM to 5:00 PM (please arrive on time) Where: VFW Hall, 122 W. Palatine Road, Palatine, IL. 60067
Cost: Free event (and we’ll be giving out free stuff as thanks)
We’re looking for regular people to be actors, actresses and extras as part of a rock video for my song, "The Rest of Us". Hear it for free by clicking this link:
The song’s been spreading and so has its message. A video has been requested by one of the major news networks for broadcast, so you'll get some TV face time from this, and hopefully have some fun too.
There will be 2 or more staging areas on this shooting location.


A mock political rally as well as well as shots of individuals and groups in front of a green screen shouting and protesting into the camera. The goal will be to make sure every person’s face appears individually as well as combined into part of a group in a collage of faces to be featured in the video (let us know if you’d like to join us in other scenes on other dates too).


Come dressed in your everyday clothes like you would on any regular day (we will be filming the rally scene first). But if you have a job or hobby that requires an identifiable uniform (doctor, nurse, fireman, policeman, soldier, biker, construction worker, welder, etc…), please bring the extra change of clothes to represent your identifiable profession or hobby in addition to your regular clothes so you can get in some extra scenes (since this song is a rock anthem tribute to the hard working men and women that keep this country rolling).

Forward this to your friends and bring them along so they can be part of the video too and have some fun.
Contact us with any questions at the emails and links below.

Looking forward to seeing you on the set!

Michael Riser

The Death of Dave Duerson

Tonight on The Show, we talk about the death of Chicago Bears, Dave Duerson. What was behind his illness? Could this happen to hometown atheletes as well as the pros?

Find out tonight on The Dave and Dave Show?