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Bill Jackson to appear on The Dave and Dave Show Monday December 13th at 6 PM

WFLD followed up with "Cartoon Town with Bill Jackson." Now WGN-TV had something to worry about. Jackson, a talented cartoonist, writer, and producer with a stable of puppet characters (all voiced by Jackson himself) was the first person to shake up the WGN-TV kingdom. His characters are just as memorable today as any that appeared on WGN-TV. Who can forget "Dirty Dragon" and "Mother Plumtree"? "The Lemon Joke Kid" and "The Old Professor"? Not to mention "The Thumptwangers!" Arguably the most popular character on the show wasn't a puppet at all but just a mound of molding clay! "The Blob," as he was affectionately known, would rant in unintelligible (except to Jackson) outbursts, who would then proceed to mold Blob into whatever he wanted to be that day. Today more people remember "The Blob" than any other character on the series.

Jackson cut his teeth on live television in Ft. Wayne Indiana as host of a show called Popeye & The Little Rascals Club. After two years he moved to Indianapolis where he stayed for three years. It was at this station that Jackson created the character of "Dirty Dragon" fashioned after a dear friend of his. In 1965 he came to Chicago and hosted Clown Alley (as "Freckles" the clown) on WBBM-TV where "Dirty Dragon" made his first Chicago appearance. It ran for less than two years against brutal competition from WGN-TV's Ray Rayner & Friends.

An additional problem with Clown Alley (and it's weekend counterpart Here Comes Freckles) was that WBBM-TV, in all their wisdom, scheduled Jackson's show to start five minutes after the hour (at 6:35 am) and ended it five minutes before the hour (6:55 am) . Naturally no one thought to tune in because of the odd time. Jackson referred to the show as "the best kept secret in Chicago!" Interestingly, Ted Turner would try this idea starting his programming five minutes after the hour, on his WTBS super station with much better results.

In 1968, with sponsor Maurice Lenell Cookies in tow, Cartoon Town with Bill Jackson premiered over WFLD. And it's audience struggled to find it. WFLD had only been on the air for less than two years when Cartoon Town premiered. Many homes did not have sets that received the UHF channels- so the folks that did have UHF became the most popular people on the block! After awhile the series found it's audience and eventually managed to beat out WGN's Garfield Goose & Friends.

WGN-TV, aghast at being one-upped by a lowly UHF'er, moved "Garfield" to mornings. In it's place, they scheduled reruns of The Flintstones and Batman. With competition like that, a locally produced kids show didn't have a chance. Jackson then convinced WFLD to change the format to a stage revue with life size characters and a studio audience. The title was changed to The B.J. & Dirty Dragon Show. and moved to the most coveted spot for a kids show in Chicago, 12 noon, up against the mighty Bozo! The idea looked like a winner based on the success that Jackson had with his live stage shows around the Chicago area.

However the idea bombed on television and the show soon reverted back to the original format but retained the new name. The timeslot changed one more time and away from the big B. Jackson did manage to keep two of his dancers from the live show, Nancy Wettler and Ian Harris, and used them as puppeteers in the third and final version. With the new talent and a crack production crew, Jackson considers this version of the series as his favorite. It was on this series that Jackson and his crew produced the extremely popular cliff hanger serials and the MTV-like videos of "The Thumptwangers." The ratings improved but then Field sold the station to Kaiser Broadcasting. Kaiser, with it's own agenda, quickly bounced the show from it's schedule.

After a short break and moving to New York to do a show called B.J.'s Bunch at WNBC, he commuted back and forth to Chicago to do another version of Cartoon Town set in Carefree Corners for none other than former rival WGN-TV. The show aired for one year, but Jackson felt out of place and the station really didn't know what to do with him. Unwisely, his show was scheduled in the old Romper Room timeslot, but Jackson's show was not really geared for pre-schoolers and the humor went over it's audience's heads.

Jackson managed one more hurrah when he sold Gigglesnort Hotel to WLS-TV where the show aired Sunday mornings. The show, complete with all the "Cartoon Town" characters as well as a few new ones designed especially for the series, eventually was sold into national and international syndication. In it's short three years on the air (Jackson was again victim to a change in management when new management at WLS-TV cancelled the series) Gigglesnort won two (long overdue) Emmy awards as well as a program director's award for best locally produced children's show in the nation.

Jackson then left the windy city and children's television and took a job teaching at California's Cal-Arts Institute where he stayed for 11 and half years. The 78 episodes of Gigglesnort Hotel series can still be seen in several markets including at one time in the early 1990s, in South America.

For those who just can't get enough of Bill Jackson and his characters, help is only a click away! Jackson's web site offers videos of Cartoon Town and Gigglesnort Hotel as well as photos, original comics, and paintings recently done by Jackson himself. Check it all out at: and tell him The Video Veteran sent you!

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Gary "Radar" Burghoff on The Dave and Dave Show

Gary will will be joining the Dave and Dave Show for a talk about his new autobiography, GARY BURGHOFF: TO M*A*S*H AND BACK - MY LIFE IN POEMS AND SONGS. To millions of faithful television viewers, Gary Burghoff will always be Walter "Radar" O'Reilly, the lovable telepathic assistant to Colonel Potter on M*A*S*H. But the man behind the bespectacled TV Land icon is a true Renaissance man. He's a classically trained stage actor, a jazz musician, an environmentalist, a poet, a songwriter, an inventor, a wildlife artist, and now - a writer.
In this intensely personal memoir, the author takes you on his journey from his family's home in Wisconsin to his successful carreer on the New York stage, from the Hollywood film version of M*A*S*H to the hit television show, from the challenges of married life to the rewards of single fatherhood. Often funny, occationally poignant and always honest, To M*A*S*H and Back is an account you will long remember.

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Is it too soon to talk Holiday Movies?

From the Movie Show on The Radio, Film Critic Mike Mayo talks movies, from Harry Potter  to Tron Legacy and more. We will also talk pet peeves and when is the best time to run Christmas Music. That and your phone calls at 847-931-1410.

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Tonights show- 11/08-2010

My concession speech to America.   Can Boys dress like girls on Halloween without parents disaproval and Rock and Roll will never forget, especially when being taught in a class room.. all that and Hot topics on The next Dave and Dave Show..

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On tonights show..Judika Illes- author

Judika Illes is the author of non-fiction books of folklore, folkways and mythology about the subjects of the occult, magic, divination, spiritualism, fairies, witchcraft and the paranormal. A certified aromatherapy consultant, she has taught introductory courses on the subject at Australasian College (2000–2002), and practices taromancy.

Judika Illes (2009)On her personal website, Judika explains that her interest in divination began while playing with a Tarot deck at the age of six. Her first Tarot deck was the Builders of the Adytum (BOTA) deck, which she described in a 2005 interview as "formidable and very esoteric," an unusual starter for a child of her age.[1]

In an interview with Facing North, she attributed a childhood spent in the culturally diverse Queens borough of New York City as a significant influence on her writing career. During her teen years, Judika frequented New York bookstores such as Magickal Childe and Samuel Weiser's, known for their metaphysical and occult collections, and Latino botanicas[2]

She worked as a "telephone psychic" for Psychic Friends Network from 1991 to 1993.

Judika Illes has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications from Rutgers College and earned a Graduate Certificate in Aromatherapy[3] from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (previously known as the Australasian College of Health Sciences) in 1999. Her writing interests include mythology, folklore, astrology, spellcasting, spirit-working, herbalism and traditional healing.

Her last name, Illes, is pronounced as you would with the "Ph" omitted from "Phyllis." Judith Illes was used as the byline for some of her Tour Egypt articles, rather than her Hungarian name, Judika.

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On The next Dave and Dave Show- Christie Barnes

The debate between helicopter parents versus free-range parents causes confusion for parents who want to find the middle ground while raising independent kids, without being wracked with worry and guilt. Somewhere between Free Range Kids and Perfect Madness is the need for a book that addresses how to parent with common sense in our culture of paranoia. The Paranoid Parent’s Guide is that book.
When surveyed by the author Christie Barnes, 75 percent of parents said they worried about “everything” when it came to their kids. Things like: Is this really the right school? Will that splinter get infected? Will they get kidnapped playing in the front yard? Or the mall? Is my fifth-grader ready for sex-ed at school? Do we need a tutor? Is my child gifted? How could we forget the sight words we practiced this summer? Do I need to buy organic everything?

Paranoid Parents founder Christie Barnes knows the truth: Most parents are wasting their time and energy worrying about the wrong things. Based on information gleened from years of research, she will give parents a much-needed reality check, opening their eyes to thereal dangers lurking that are more likely to impact their children—and what they can do about them.

She will help paranoid parents to come clean about their biggest fears, reveal the true dangers their kids face at every stage as opposed to the Myth Makers, and offer realistic ways to safeguard their kids without stealing their childhoods. By rallying against a culture of fear with the facts, the Paranoid Parents Guide will help moms and dads enjoy parenthood more, and allow their kids develop the healthy straits of resiliency, independence, and good decision making that are essential—yet lacking—in today’s society. So stop worrying about a shark attack…because your child is more likely to be injured by a shopping cart. Think that ice hockey is more dangerous than cheering? Think again. Stop spending sleepless nights worried about stranger danger and learn why child-proofing your house is actually a very bad idea.

As Barnes will prove, it’s easier to enjoy parenthood when you are prepared; not paranoid.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tonight on The Dave and Dave Show- James "Tappy" Wright "Rock and Roll Roadie


Raconteur, speaker at “An Audience with Tappy Wright” and is Co-Author of his biography “Rock Roadie” the book.

Tappy Wright was born in a poor mining family in Whitley Bay in the North East of England, but love of music and his ability to be in the right place at the right time have lead to a fascinating life: from playing second guitar with the Animals when they began to form, to working with rock legends Tina Turner, Little Richard, Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermits), Carl Perkins to Jimi Hendrix. He even did a very short tour with film legend Jayne Mansfield.

He now divides his time between Florida and his native Whitley Bay as a dealer in Rock memorabilia and famous guitars.

Tappy is soon to hit the road again through the University campuses of the USA, to begin a tour of a different sort – star of his own show “ a spoken word performance” of his life story.

As Eric Burdon, lead singer of The Animals, wrote in his 1984 autobiography…”A good road manager is as important as a good lead singer. Tappy Wright was the best in the business”.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monday- D and D talk with Author Mary Roach

Mary Roach is a columnist and popular science writer. Raised in Etna, New Hampshire, she holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Wesleyan University and currently resides in San Francisco, California. To date, she has published five books: Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers (2003), Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife (2005) (published in some markets as Six Feet Over: Adventures in the Afterlife), Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex (2008) and "Packing for Mars" (2010)

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Monday on The Dave and Dave Show

The Author of ‘Creepiosity’

Besides being one of the world’s most respected creepiologists, David Bickel is a writer and producer who has been working in television since Clinton was president. His credits include “Hiller and Diller” starring Richard Lewis and Kevin Nealon, and a nine-year stint on the Emmy-nominated show “The King of Queens.” He is currently working on the series he developed, “Motorcity” for the Walt Disney Company.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tonight's special guest- Dann Gire of the Daily Herald

About Dann

Daily Herald film critic Dann Gire serves as the president and founding director of Chicago Film Critics Association, and has won the prestigious Peter Lisagor Award for Arts Criticism six times. Gire is on the Communications Department staff at Aurora University where he teaches journalism. From 1984 to 2006, he has been an adjunct faculty member in William Rainey Harper College’s English and Journalism departments. teaching courses in drama, film & literature, journalism, short stories & novels, mass communications and feature writing. From 2000 to 2006, he also served as the faculty advisor to the Harbinger, the campus newspaper. He is married to Peggy Burke, who he met while rehearsing their junior high school play “Oliver Twist.” They have two daughters: Lauren, living in New York while auditioning for Broadway gigs; and Morgan, a junior at the University of Iowa and a terrific stage manager.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank you Shelly Berman

Background on Guest, Shelley Berman.
Berman was born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Irene (née Marks) and Nathan Berman.

Berman started as a straight actor, receiving his training at the Goodman Theater in Chicago, honing his acting skills in stock companies in and around Chicago and New York. In the mid-1950s, he became a member of Chicago's Compass Players, which later evolved into The Second City. While performing improvised sketches with Compass, Berman began developing solo pieces, often employing an imaginary telephone to take the place of an onstage partner.

In 1957, Berman landed his first job as a comedian at Mister Kelly's in Chicago, which led to other nightclub bookings, and a recording contract with Verve Records. His comedy albums would earn him three gold records and he'd win the first Grammy Award for a non-musical recording. He was the first standup comedian to play Carnegie Hall. Berman would go on to appear on numerous TV specials, and all of the major variety shows of the day.

Berman's success as a comedian enabled him to continue with his first love - acting. He starred on Broadway in A Family Affair and continued to do stage work in productions of The Odd Couple, Damn Yankees, Fiddler on the Roof, I'm Not Rappaport, La Cage aux Folles, and Guys and Dolls, among many others. Comedic and dramatic acting roles on television began to come his way, including appearances on episodes of The Twilight Zone, Bewitched, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Adam-12, Night Court, MacGyver, L.A. Law, Friends, Walker, Texas Ranger, The King of Queens, Grey's Anatomy, Hannah Montana, CSI: NY, and Boston Legal. Since 2002, Berman has appeared as Larry David's father on Curb Your Enthusiasm, a role for which he received a 2008 Emmy Award nomination.

Among Berman's film credits are The Best Man (with Henry Fonda), Divorce American Style (with Dick Van Dyke and Debbie Reynolds), Every Home Should Have One (with Marty Feldman), The Last Producer (with Burt Reynolds), Meet the Fockers (with Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller), The Holiday (with Cameron Diaz), and You Don't Mess with the Zohan (with Adam Sandler).

Shelley Berman has been married to Sarah Herman since 1947. The two met while they were studying acting at Chicago's Goodman Theatre and they have two children. Berman has authored three books, two plays, several TV pilot scripts, and numerous poems. For over twenty years, Berman taught humor writing in the Master of Professional Writing program at University of Southern California, where he is now a Lecturer Emeritus. He continues to do film and television work, and make personal appearances across the country year-round

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long time listener of the Dave and Dave Radio Show gets his dream job with the Bulls!!

 Reports: WRMN’s' Hunziker to become Bulls coach

(BS) – 23 minutes ago

BARTLETT, Illinois. — The Bartlett Buffalos will need a new assistant coach after the NBA finals.

WRMN’s Mike Hunziker accepted the Chicago Bulls' head coaching job Saturday, according to multiple media reports in Chicago. Hunziker will continue his duties as Station Manager of WRMN and Co-Host of The Morning Wake up Call with Mike Green.

Buffalos coach Doc Rivers would not confirm the reports before Bartlett practiced the day before Game 2 of the series, but both he and his players agreed that Hunziker would be a good choice.

"I hope it's true, but we're not going to comment on it, I can tell you that," Rivers said. "We're focused on the NBA finals. There's two teams. There's the Lakers and the Buffalos, and that's what we're going to keep the focus on.

"But on Mike, he deserves the job. I think he's the best candidate out there. I've said that for three years now. So let's hope it's true."

Hunziker, considered one of the NBA's top defensive minds and a GREAT Station Manager was also a candidate for jobs in New Orleans and New Jersey. He was not made available before the Buffalos worked out at the Lakers' training center.

Bulls officials declined comment. The team and the NBA agreed to wait until after the finals are over to make the hiring official.

"We do not have any rules that prohibit a team from announcing a coaching hire during the finals," NBA spokesman Tim Frank said. "In the Bulls case, because they have no plans to consummate any deal before the end of the finals, we agreed that they should defer any announcement to the conclusion of the finals."

The longtime assistant was the architect of the defense that contained Kobe Bryant when the Buffalos beat the Lakers for the title two years ago, and the one that helped them knock off LeBron James and Cleveland during a surprising run to these finals.

"Huns brings a passion for defense, I think," Kevin Garnett said. "When you think of Mike Hunziker and what's his strengths, he's obviously a defense guy. He watches an uncountable amount of film. He's a worker. He's a guy that loves his job. He does it with passion. If he is not with us next year, he's well deserving of it, as well as anybody else on our coaching staff." Hunziker will continue his duties as Station Manager of WRMN and Co-Host of The Morning Wake up Call with Mike Green.

The Bulls fired Vinny Del Negro last month. He led Chicago to the playoffs in both of his seasons, but had an altercation with executive vice president of basketball operations John Paxson late in this season.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tonight on The Dave and Dave Show

S.E. Cupp is author of the new book "Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity," which came out on  April 27th (Simon & Schuster). She is also co-author of "Why You're Wrong About The Right," which was published by Simon & Schuster in June of 2008. "After two terms of George W. Bush, it’s harder than ever to know what it means to be a conservative, though for a working definition, this book is an excellent place to start.. Cupp and Joshpe have thought it through, and write with the sort of easy wit we could use more of on the right." -- Tucker Carlson.

S.E. is a political columnist and culture critic. She has a regular online column at the New York Daily News, and a regular feature at The Daily Caller. She is a contributing editor at Townhall magazine, and a regular contributor to Politico's "Arena." She has been published in the Washington Post, Newsmax, Slate, Human Events, American Spectator, Townhall,, Sports Illustrated online, Maxim online,, FrontPage, Detroit Free Press and others.

S.E. is a political commentator. She has appeared on FOXNews, MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, Al Harra and others. She is a regular guest on "Hannity," "Larry King Live," "Fox & Friends," "Geraldo," and "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld." She has been heard on dozens of radio shows, including The Dennis Miller Show, The Mancow Show, The Curtis Sliwa Show, Bubba the Love Sponge, Andrew Wilkow, The Alan Colmes Show and others.

She is a graduate of Cornell University (2000) and a Masters candidate at NYU (2010). She was born in Carlsbad, CA and grew up primarily in Andover, MA. She lives in New York City.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is the Twain moving in the right direction for American Idol ?

Last night, I watched American idol- With mentor Shania Twain and I was surprised on how much praise the judges were giving to everyone. (When clearly they didn't have to)Fortunately, the kids of Idol had the advantage of taking an unfamiliar Twain song and making it seem fresh and Poppy. (Which by the way is Mine and John's radio names)

Lee Dewyze-"You're Still The One"

Lee, you are in danger of being a

number 4. I did notice the farcical expressions..Work on that. I loved your song and your style..

Michael Lynche- "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing."

Yes, Mike is Luther Vandross Lite- The song was not exceptional but it was listenable which is becoming the standard for this year's American idol.

Casey James- "Don't"

Last week, I came to the conclusion that Casey has this Bob Seger sound, which I miss Bob Seger. So now I have Casey James. This Don't was not just listenable, but it was Pop and slick and a song I would "buy" on I-Tunes. I wanted more, which is good not just the ninety seconds they usually give them. Good Job.

Crystal Bowersox- "No One Needs to Know."

Crystal, baby- you are this year's Edie Brickell. Do not become Wynona. Have faith in yourself. I love the folk rock styling , but her version of this song was not memorable.. Sorry Crystal.. take chances after you get booted!!

Aaron Kelly - "You've Got A Way."

Aaron has the David Archuletta feel but not all the talent. He seemed tentative on this song.. Not all the way confidant. His power voice wasn't there for me last night.

Siobhan Magnus - "Any Man of Mine."

Thank God for Siobhan and her quirky punkness and pop styling. I see it every week and this week we had sexy Siobhan and I liked her going into the audience and giving a performance.and belting out her NOTE!! The judges created this when they praised her that first week when she belted out that tune and she has gone with it almost every week. way to go, Siobhan.

Finally- Who is going to be voted off tonight..I am hoping for Aaron but a lot of girls like him so it might be Iron Mike.. find out tonight on "Idol"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why John Badham will be on our show

Trouble on a set almost always means trouble for the finished product. A project can go from a “can’t miss” to a “can’t get made” in the span of one bad conversation. Problems stemming from “creative differences” can hobble a production, especially when they are between actor and director. Now, Badham and Modderno offer a way to build a bridge between creative differences for those who work in the film industry with I’ll Be In My Trailer: The Creative Wars Between Directors and Actors.

Drawing from his own moviemaking war stories to illustrate his points (like the night John Travolta refused to do his scene in Saturday Night Fever or the day Richard Pryor walked off the set of The Bingo Long Traveling All Stars and Motor Kings), Badham imparts hard-earned insights with the wit, honesty, and humility of a man who truly loves and respects his craft. In clear, engaging language Badham details how to create an atmosphere of trust on any creative project, and how to cultivate and maintain healthy, productive, mutually beneficial relationships with coworkers on set.

A veteran of over 30 films, Badham not only drew from his own extensive experience, but he and Modderno also tapped some of the industry’s top directors and actors for their thoughts on that most intimate and delicate of creative partnerships – the one between actor and director. Directors including Steven Soderbergh, Oliver Stone, Richard Donner, Martha Coolidge and Sydney Pollack, and actors Martin Sheen, Stephen Collins, Mel Gibson and Richard Dreyfuss, each share lessons learned and offer opinions and advice on what exactly is needed to create a great film. The book also includes conversations with Hollywood legends John Frankenheimer (to whom the book is dedicated) and Anne Bancroft, who both were interviewed shortly before their passing.

“So many of us are trained in the technical aspects of film, but have no idea how to successfully collaborate with other artists,” says Badham. “This book is about understanding actors and getting over your fear of working with them.”

“Where was this book forty years ago when I started directing?” adds Arthur Hiller, former President, Academy of Motion Pictures & Directors Guild of America.

I’ll Be In My Trailer: The Creative Wars Between Directors and Actors offers movie fans a rare snapshot of how the creative process unfolds behind the scenes, and gives an instructive and entertaining look at ways one can overcome some of the unique challenges an artist is faced with when working in the collaborative medium of film. Badham guides directors on how to articulate their vision to others without alienating their cast and crew, by boiling down the dramatic action into usable, actable verbs.

Both actors and directors can benefit equally from this guide, which includes both practical, how-to instructions on technical matters and invaluable tips on navigating interpersonal issues, which as anyone who’s ever had to work on a team well knows, are far less cut and dried. From minimizing miscommunication to navigating personal politics and harmonizing a cast of contrasting personalities, this book will show directors how they can elicit the best performances from actors…and keep their names attached to projects as opposed to the tabloids.

About the Authors

Badham has earned the reputation of being an “actor’s director” through a career impressive in its range and diversity. In 1977, he guided a then-unknown Travolta to worldwide fame with Saturday Night Fever (a cultural milestone that launched the disco era and went on to become one of the top-grossing films of all time). His career hit another high point in 1983, when two films he directed that year, Blue Thunder and WarGames, received four Academy Award nominations. Since then he’s collaborated with such luminaries as Laurence Olivier, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp and James Garner in films that have won both critical praise and box office success. Other films Badham has helmed include Point of No Return (1993), Short Circuit (1986), Bird On A Wire (1990), Stakeout (1987), Another Stakeout (1993), American Flyers (1985), Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1981) and the stylized Dracula (1979).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tonight on The Dave and Dave Show

She is a culinary instructor and past "Chopped" contestant and our guest Chef Smarty Pants- Erica Wides . Find her own radio show on  Erica Wides has been a Chef and Culinary Instructor for 12 years. She's been teaching at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in New York City for the past 7 years, and is also a personal chef, consultant, and private teacher.

She began her cooking career in New York at Nosmo King, before moving on to Zoe, Savoy, and Arcadia. She was also Sous Chef at Quisisana, a summer resort in Maine.

She has done extensive curriculum development for ICE, and recipe development for various clients. She appears regularly on TV in the New York area, and is currently working on several book projects.

Erica also teaches "on the road", as a guest instructor at The Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio, In Singapore, at At-Sunrice Culinary Academy, and in Tokyo, Japan at Culinary Salon Uno.

Chef Wides has joined the staff of HeritageFoodsUSA, as their spokeschef and resident culinary educator. Heritage foods USA seeks to promote sustainably raised heirloom and heritage breeds of animals and plant foods from small, independent growers and producers around the usa. Please visit their website, to learn more about their mission and products, and to download recipes developed by Erica.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tonight on the Dave and Dave Show

Film critic author- Mike Mayo is on our show tonight talking about the Oscar nominations and the latest releases.

listen live at

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Dave and Dave Show has been renewed for the full year!!

The Dave and Dave Show has been renewed for a full year.
Yes, its true.. the Show critics refuse to listen to because they dont realize its on is has been renewed for the full year on Wednesdays from 6 to 7 PM. This week, Dave and Dave talk about diets of 2009 and more guests named Dave. all this and Dave trivia on the Dave and Dave Show on WRMN 1410. David Sussking, where are you?