Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is the Twain moving in the right direction for American Idol ?

Last night, I watched American idol- With mentor Shania Twain and I was surprised on how much praise the judges were giving to everyone. (When clearly they didn't have to)Fortunately, the kids of Idol had the advantage of taking an unfamiliar Twain song and making it seem fresh and Poppy. (Which by the way is Mine and John's radio names)

Lee Dewyze-"You're Still The One"

Lee, you are in danger of being a

number 4. I did notice the farcical expressions..Work on that. I loved your song and your style..

Michael Lynche- "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing."

Yes, Mike is Luther Vandross Lite- The song was not exceptional but it was listenable which is becoming the standard for this year's American idol.

Casey James- "Don't"

Last week, I came to the conclusion that Casey has this Bob Seger sound, which I miss Bob Seger. So now I have Casey James. This Don't was not just listenable, but it was Pop and slick and a song I would "buy" on I-Tunes. I wanted more, which is good not just the ninety seconds they usually give them. Good Job.

Crystal Bowersox- "No One Needs to Know."

Crystal, baby- you are this year's Edie Brickell. Do not become Wynona. Have faith in yourself. I love the folk rock styling , but her version of this song was not memorable.. Sorry Crystal.. take chances after you get booted!!

Aaron Kelly - "You've Got A Way."

Aaron has the David Archuletta feel but not all the talent. He seemed tentative on this song.. Not all the way confidant. His power voice wasn't there for me last night.

Siobhan Magnus - "Any Man of Mine."

Thank God for Siobhan and her quirky punkness and pop styling. I see it every week and this week we had sexy Siobhan and I liked her going into the audience and giving a performance.and belting out her NOTE!! The judges created this when they praised her that first week when she belted out that tune and she has gone with it almost every week. way to go, Siobhan.

Finally- Who is going to be voted off tonight..I am hoping for Aaron but a lot of girls like him so it might be Iron Mike.. find out tonight on "Idol"

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