Monday, November 28, 2011

"25 Most Powerful Songs" according to Mental Floss- Find out tonight on The Dave and Dave Show

The 25 Most Powerful Songs Of The Past 25 Years Sure, you can measure a song's worth in terms of downloads or Grammys. Or you could do what we did: rank tunes by the number of dictators they've toppled and their impact on the deodorant industry. Want songs that really changed the world? This is the playlist. 

PLUS - Ideal Soundtracks For Milking Your Cow - Science Determines The Happiest Pop Song - Weirdly Inappropriate Campaign Tunes

 Mangesh Hattikudur, co-founder and the primary contributor on the "25 Most Powerful Songs" story From Mental Floss magazine will talk with us tonight on the Dave and Dave Show. Tune in or tune out and tell us your favorite songs.

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